Comic Cure

As trans/GNC individuals, many of us have had to endure unspeakable pain and discrimination. It would be easy to let all of those horrible experiences define and dictate how we live our lives and move into our futures. But there is a way of processing all the difficult experiences we’ve had and come out laughing on the other side. This ultra-empowering 6-part lab will help you to take those difficult experiences and through laughter take ownership of them and never let them harm you again.

In this community-building, 6-8 week course, you will explore the curing properties of laughter as you revisit those dark experiences that have held you back and with the help of your instructor, a working comedian, transform those experiences and observations into a witty stand-up comedy routine that will share your story and connect with others. During each of the lab sessions, you will focus on various comedy techniques and joke writing structure that will help you to turn your observations into great comedy. And the climax for all that hard work and introspection is that you will have the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience at the world famous Comedy Store in Hollywood!

The best comics are those who expose and share a part of themselves with the audience. This lab will allow you to share with the world the strength it takes to not only be trans*, but to take those tragic experiences you’ve been dealt and show that NOTHING can keep you from being happy and free.


Originally from Dallas, Texas, Adam Barnhardt‘s comedy career began in New York City performing at The Comic Strip, Caroline’s, Stand Up NY, and Gotham, among others. Based in Los Angeles since 1994 Adam has worked steadily as a professional comedian, coach, actor and Comedy-Therapist. He has taught the Comic Cure class at the Los Angeles LGBT Center for over a decade and has performed stand up comedy internationally in London and all over the United States. You can see him regularly at The Comedy Store, The Improv, and The Laugh Factory in Hollywood.

Adam is one of the hosts of Cadillac Sundays, one of the longest running shows at The Comedy Store (since 1998).

Using humor to process real issues is what the most celebrated comedians have always done. By working in a group dynamic each comedians voice is firmly established with useful tools that help to highlight their point of view. Tools that they can use in their real life as well as in their comedy career. Through the process of “Clearing” on stage a comic’s material is rooted in what is true about where they are really coming from.