Defending You

It’s an exciting time for the trans and GNC communities but with added visibility means we must always remain aware and vigilant. Being prepared for any and all situations is a must to today’s world, so Trans* Lounge is pleased to offer “Defending You – The Basics of Self-Defense” to show you ways to protect yourself without having to rely solely on physical strength.

In this exciting new workshop which mixes demonstration and participation, you will learn techniques to protect yourself from threats but also how to defuse potentially dangerous situations before they even occur. Being aware of your surroundings and confident in your abilities to defend yourself can not only bring you a new sense of calm but that piece of mind can also help you achieve a self-reliance you didn’t even know you had.

While this workshop will be draw heavily on martial arts techniques, this is not a martial arts class! All techniques and materials are taught with the intent of deescalating a situation and keeping you safe and out of harm’s way.