Embodied Relief

Want to learn how to reconnect with your body and contribute to your own healing? The Trans* Lounge, and non-binary licensed massage therapist Aunjel want to help you take hold of your healing journey through this new and exciting, guided self-massage workshop.

Self-massage is known to positively impact dissociative tendencies, increase self-compassion, reduce fatigue, and combat chronic pain. Sensations such as pain, are the body’s way of signaling that something isn’t quite right. When the body is advocating for itself in this way, who better to show up for it than you!

By granting your body the opportunity to share and feel heard, you will learn the skills and techniques needed to become both your best advocate and the healer. You will use self-massage techniques and a mindfulness approach to better know how to acknowledge sensation without judgment, safely reconnect with your body, and effectively combat pain.

This 90-minute workshop will provide all necessary tools you will need to soothe and heal yourself whenever needed. You do not need a background in massage and we welcome people of all levels of mobility. Come embody the relief you’ve been searching for.

CLASS REQUIREMENT: Participants should come in clothing in which they can easily stretch in.


Aunjel Fullington (he/him) is a Black, non-binary licensed massage therapist based in Los Angeles, California. His private practice, Transformative Massage, provides bodywork and self-care education that is trauma-informed, body-positive, and accessible. Through Transformative Massage, individual healing becomes communal healing with a portion of all massages helping to sponsor bodywork for LGBTQI+ individuals who couldn’t otherwise afford it.

Aunjel has studied trauma-informed practices for over a decade and has received advanced bodywork training both domestically and internationally. A firm believer in the power of touch, Aunjel is committed to creating greater access to self-care through massage.