Express Yourself

There is no one like you. You are unique and special and ready to show the world just how amazing you are, but in a world of ever-changing fashion trends, finding a style that just screams YOU or knowing what to wear to flatter your shape and boost your confidence can be quite a challenge.

In this exciting, interactive workshop, you will have the opportunity for one on one time with your instructor/stylist and get the answers you seek to present the perfect style that shows off who you truly are. You will learn about recent fashions trends, a little history of fashion throughout the ages and be able to sit down with an image consultant who will share style tips to live by, so you know how to look your best no matter what the occasion or what’s in style. You will take part in fun and eye-opening discussions on body shapes and silhouettes, cuts, color and fabrication of fashions and how to meld that with your personality to create a personal style that not only has a positive effect on your appearance, but also your soul. You know what they say… “When you look good, you feel good”.

Class Requirement: All we ask is that students come prepared with any questions or issues they might be having (nothing is off-limits) with their wardrobe or personal style. Students are also welcome to bring any of their favorite outfits to find some new and exciting ways to accentuate your wardrobe.


Allison Roth has a degree in fashion design from FIDM and lives in Los Angeles with her rescue Poodles, Rudie and Ellie. She has been a wardrobe stylist, makeup artist and image consultant and particularly enjoys artist development. Her mother taught her to love pretty things and to appreciate the stories behind them. She cut her teeth styling for her brother, David Lee Roth of the mighty Van Halen.

She is a pop culture devotee and social history enthusiast. She loves using her fashion expertise to bring out the very best in each of her clients and empower them to be proud of their personal style whatever it may be.

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