Fitness for Us

The fitness industry often creates a daunting environment that makes it challenging for TGI/ENBY+ individuals to focus on our physical health and wellness. The Trans* Lounge has created a safe and judgment-free course tailored specifically for the TGI/ENBY+ community to help alleviate those challenges and motivate you to be your best in both mind and body.

In this engaging workshop, you will engage in supportive discussion and dynamic workouts aimed at providing the fitness direction needed to provide you with a new sense of confidence and positive body image. Your instructor will work with you to develop a plan where you can get your exercise and nutrition questions answered and the tools necessary to reach your fitness goals.

Discussions will include one on one assessments, goal setting, injury prevention, barriers to physical wellness and creating a healthy body image. Following the discussion, you will exercise as a group where you will get into basic movement theory. This includes dynamic stretching, a workout that includes a variety of different formats including stability and cardio work and static stretching.

This is an active participation class with some strenuous exercises included. Students may participate at their own pace but please be aware that you will move, sweat and work in this class. It is recommended that you wear comfortable work out appropriate clothing and shoes. You may also want to bring a towel.


Monk Rodriguez HeadShot - edited

Monk Rodriguez is a QTPOC fitness trainer certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine(NASM). His concentration is on providing training that transforms both body and mind. As a trans* person, he understands the barriers to fitness training and is intent on providing a safe and comfortable place where the trans* community may overcome these obstacles. Monk has learned that a fit body better manages stress, brings enormous boosts in confidence and gives one the capability of making positive changes to their lives. He uses a combination of traditional fitness technique along with alternative, progressive exercise programs to keep the workouts fresh and fun. His goal is to foster a safe space for trans* folks of all fitness levels to discover, learn and prosper together.