Makeup Made Easy: Part II


Navigating all of the tips, tricks and hacks of makeup application can be a difficult and often frustrating endeavor. Books, magazines and on-line tutorials make application look so effortless, but who is there for you if you have questions or less than suitable results? That would be the Trans* Lounge! Our amazing celebrity makeup artist / instructor Melissa Murdick (Kim Petras, Selena Gomez) has developed, Makeup Made Easy; Part II – an Advanced, HANDS-ON Makeup Workshop. This exciting new class is a continuation of our Trans* Lounge beginner makeup workshop Makeup Made Easy – The Basics of Makeup. It is designed for those who have taken our Level I class or have a basic understanding of makeup application and want to expand their horizons through hands-on experimentation and personal attention to get answers to your most nagging questions.

In this hands-on, 90-minute workshop, you will bring in your own makeup and focus on Melissa’s techniques for your skin, eyes, brows and lips to present the perfect look. Your instructor is there for you with a wealth of knowledge to help you emphasize your best features and de-emphasize what you want to hide. Best of all, unlike magazines and on-line tutorials, you can have any of those pesky questions you might have answered on the spot!

REQUIREMENTS: Students must provide their own make-up basics. Basics include: foundation, concealer, powder, eyeliner, eyeshadow, eyebrow pencil, mascara, blush, lip liner, lipstick, the brushes/sponges you use, and a hair tie or clips to keep your hair back. Mirrors will be provided. Students will learn techniques by applying makeup to their own faces, so it is highly recommended that they arrive for class barefaced (clean face with no makeup). Please note that if you are uncomfortable with being barefaced in public, we ask that you arrive early to class, (we will provide make-up removing wipes), so you can take off your makeup upon arrival.


Melissa Murdick (she/her)(@makeupbymelissam) is a celebrity makeup artist whose versatile style has led her to work with some of your favorite
faces. From Selena Gomez, to Kim Petras, Tamera Mowry and many many more,

Melissa is known for making individual beauty shine. Melissa’s work has been featured in V magazine, Flaunt, & Galore, as well as on countless music videos and ad campaigns.

Melissa also currently runs, a trans-friendly website dedicated to teaching wearable makeup, solving beauty dilemmas, and simplifying your approach to beauty.