Making Sense of Your Dollars

Living in Southern California, saving for surgeries, medications or the myriad of other expenses that our community must endure means that financial literacy for Trans/GNC/ENBY folks is more crucial than ever.

In this new, unique 2-part financial literacy workshop, you will learn the basics of budgeting, best practices to help you save your money, as well as how to invest that nest egg, if you so desire and how to financially prepare for retirement.

This workshop is designed to be interactive, so come with plenty of questions and a desire to make your money start working for you. The class is split into two 90-minute class sessions, but the unique part is that your second session won’t take place for SIX MONTHS. In the first workshop, you will explore ways to handle your money more efficiently and set, reasonable, attainable goals. Your second class will reconvene six months later to review your strategies and discuss as a group, the outcome of your financial goals.

Class requirement:

Kery Ramirez is a trans native Angelino who has a strong background in visual arts, organizing, and business. He has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a minor in finance.

Kery loves to read anything related to finance and has successfully budgeted, saved, and invested his money. He wants to share his knowledge with his TGI/ENBY+ family.