Mindful Self-Care

On top of all the difficulties we face in our day-today lives, we can sometimes be our own worst enemy by forgetting to practice self-care. Join trans meditation teacher, Martin Vitorino of InsightLA and the Trans* Lounge as we take time to flip the script and help you to become a better friend to yourself, through indulging and nurturing your mind and heart. In this 90-minute workshop you’ll get to experience a sound bath and practice mindfulness meditations for your heart, body and soul. Come give yourself some care. You deserve it!

Meditation is an opportunity to be mindful of what is happening in the present moment and be kind to ourselves, regardless of how we might be thinking or feeling. It is also a way to explore offering ourselves tenderness and compassion.

In this restorative workshop there will be a lightly guided meditation, opportunities to share your experience of transition – both the challenges and the celebrations – in larger group discussion and/or in small groups, and a restorative and healing sound bath. You’ll have a chance to rest in the soothing sounds of a handpan performance by Krista Benson.

Regardless of where you are in your gender journey, this is a place to let go and just be!



Martin Vitorino, Ph.D. leads a meditation group for trans people called “Mindful Transitions” that focuses on self-compassion and community connection. He serves as Director of Programming at InsightLA, a mindfulness meditation organization. He is a volunteer organizer of heart-centered retreats for trans men and masculine-identified folks. His activism centers healing from shame and work that uproots systems of oppression such as white supremacy and patriarchy. He earned a Ph.D. in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies from Emory University.


Krista Benson Through melodies she plays on her Nirvana handpan, Krista Benson transposes sound resonance healing to bath listeners in ethereal energy. Tap into the power of deep relaxation and active listening to wash away stress and anxiety in a unique sound bath experience.