Out in Nature!


No trail names or hiking experience necessary. Come get acquainted with six different hiking trails in Los Angeles’ infamous Griffith Park. Join amateur hiker Lenix Pecikonis, creator of Unicorn Hikers and the Trans* Lounge to get Out in Nature!

Think of this as a walking support group. Hikes include great conversations with other trans and non-binary people, beautiful views of Los Angeles, and will connect you with your mind, body, and spirit in a safe and affirming way. Each hike explores a unique trail in the park and will increase in difficulty to build your endurance and enthusiasm for the trails.

This is an active participation class. You WILL be exerting energy. Please wear comfortable clothing and footwear conducive to hiking. It is also recommended to bring plenty of water!

*Please note that each hike will have a separate RSVP page and will be announced just like all other Trans* Lounge offerings. 

Lenix Pecikonis (they/them) is a unicorn in training. By day, they’re a digital strategist for progressive candidates, but they’d much prefer to spend all their time outdoors. They are a lover of furry beasts, a happy house-husband, women’s basketball enthusiast, aspiring plant whisperer who will point out interesting nature things while out on the trails.

They’ve been hiking for over 20 years and have hiked through beautiful places in Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, California, Oregon, and Hawaii. Sometimes awkward in person, they can’t wait to meet other trans and ENBY nature lovers in the LA area.