Paint ‘N Party

Are you looking for a fun and “brunchy” way to spend a Saturday? Are you seeking new and creative ways to express the wonders of YOU? Why not join us for our first ever Trans* Lounge Paint Party! Come experience this exciting new workshop where you will enjoy snacks and refreshments in a safe and comfortable atmosphere as you tap into your creative energy.

Whether you are an accomplished artist or are picking up a brush for the very first time; don’t worry, we’re here to walk you through every step of the process. The most important thing to remember is that this is a fun and social event. This is not a lesson in the traditional sense, although you just might learn something about painting while having a great time with like-minded members of your community. The event is led by professional artist, Alexandra Kube, who will share tips and pointers along the way. And by the end of the workshop, you will be walk out the door with a ready to hang masterpiece created by YOU!

We will provide aprons but sleeves should be short or rolled up to prevent getting paint on them. We will also provide a canvas, an easel and all art supplies. All we ask is that once you have reserved your seat for our Paint Party, you make sure that you are at the class ON-TIME and ready to start painting.

This is an intimate event in that we’re only able to accommodate ten students per session, so don’t hesitate, register today and join us for an amazing afternoon of creativity and community.


“The colors and forms of familiar objects take possession of me and compel me to express it through my canvases…”

Alexandra Kube
’s evocative artwork has won her many awards and recognition’s, attracting individual, corporate and community recognition alike.

Soon after graduating college with a degree in fine art, her artistic eye led her into the fields of graphic design, and illustration. Her creative skills later turned to animation for several major Hollywood studios, culminating in an Emmy Award in a 1995 Warner Bros. animation television series.

In recent years, Alexandra’s passion for the arts has culminated in her purest expressions yet by capturing the feeling of music and a bohemian lifestyle into a visual expression. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and events throughout the Los Angeles Area, including a commissioned mural for the City of Lancaster and then again for the City of Burbank. There have been private commissions across the country over the past several years. As a passionate and socially involved artist, Alexandra has been involved with helping to bring art into local communities. She also coaches painting in small groups when time allows.

Alexandra’s painting style is a variable blend of realism, abstract, illustration and surrealism, implementing a cubist delivery of vibrant colors that highlight form and a skewed perspective. She quotes her biggest painting influences as Van Gogh, Dali, Picasso, Mary Cassatt, and Georgia O’Keefe. Alexandra has explored a variety artistic phases over the course of several decades. Her collection ranges
from traditional landscapes and portraits to the current abstracted cubism.

Her most recent and popular paintings embody the spirit of musical instruments, butterflies and people whispering joy and movement quietly into every form. You can’t help but feel enveloped into the joyful essence of song, and also pulled into the intricate dance of recognizable details, inviting us to dwell in its lively rhythms for a while.

“Painting is my music. The songs I hear touch my heart, and I want you to hear
them too. Listen as I sing to you the stories that move through my color filled paintbrushes.”