Redefining Masculinities for All

All identities are fluid and hold multiplicities—just like masculinities—they are never singular, and there are infinite ways to relate to them. These relationships are both highly personal and highly public at the same time. Gendered socialization and expectations are difficult to navigate, whether they are coming from within ourselves, or from the people and environments around us.

No matter how you identify, if you are interested in healing these relationships for yourself, then this is your space. Most importantly, only you can determine what that those relationships look like. Each week there will be a topic to explore that allows individuals to really ask themselves who they want to be, and how they want to be that person in the world.

This discussion group is for ALL gender expansive identities who want to actively redefine and explore the possibilities of what it can and should mean to present as their own unique gender in this world.


Ash Nichols (they/them) is a queer non-binary trans human, who spends their days gathering stories and facilitating other groups of humans.

Ash has been a theatre and performance artist over the past decade throughout California. Ash has been a producer and manager specializing in new works, community-engaged projects, installations, non-traditional and other weird art things that defy categorization. Ash currently works with Trans* Lounge.