Rock Your Body Danceshop

For many in the trans* community, it might be difficult to imagine, but your body can be your ally in helping you unlock your dream life.

  • How does your body confidence reflect your overall confidence?
  • What is the connection between body image and living your dream life?
  • What are your most heartfelt desires for your life?

These are just some of the points that will be addressed in the Rock Your Body Danceshop, our fun, new workshop.

It’s easy to fall into ruts and roadblocks as we make our way through our personal journey. Moving your body can open your life in more ways than just getting a workout. When you open your body, you open your mind. And when you open your mind, solutions and insights to addressing body image and other confidence issues seem to flow much easier and can put you in full connection to your body, mind and soul in order to create the positive changes you so richly deserve.

The Rock Your Body Danceshop is a combination dance class and personal growth workshop. Growth is facilitated through group discussion, writing exercises and fun and grounded dance via Latin, African, ZUMBA and House styles. You will have the opportunity to engage in keeping-it-real bonding with your classmates while receiving support around your body image. And you’ll do it all in the spirit of fun, dance and community.

Workout/comfortable attire and dance/athletic shoes are required. Students should also bring water and a pen and paper for journaling purposes.

Valerie Dauphin HeadshotINSTRUCTOR
P. Valerie Dauphin is the Dancing Desire Coach, Founder of Feel Good Kick Ass and the author of the upcoming book, Feel Good Kick Ass Confidence: Using Your Body to Rock Your Life. Valerie helps you do the work you love in a body you love with people you love. She is a certified Dream Coach®, licensed ZUMBA Instructor, Certified Group Power Instructor and a OneTaste Coach in training.

Valerie created the Danceshops™, a series of interactive and transformational life coaching through dance workshops, designed to help those who find themselves stuck in a rut increase their confidence while working up a sweat in order to discover and take action on their dreams and desires. Valerie has worked with such organizations as the YWCA, Growing Educators, I Have A Dream Foundation and the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life.

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