Set & Maintain Boundaries

Have you ever found yourself struggling to speak up for yourself or set a limit? Or wondering what is reasonable to ask of others? Even if your answer is no, there’s still a fair benefit in reevaluating or strengthening our boundaries.

Boundaries are agreements that can both give and take power. They can be visible or invisible, spoken or unspoken. Boundaries can be difficult and uncomfortable to set and maintain because we can feel like we are placing restrictions on others or on ourselves. However, doing so is necessary for our health and safety, the safety of others, and our ability to focus on or achieve other goals.

Join Trans* Lounge and your good friend Yams Rose (he/him) for this thoughtful new workshop where we will be discussing core values and how those can be used to help flesh out our boundaries, as well as how they can simplify the process of enforcing healthy boundaries.

There will be LOTS of great information shared in this space, so feel free to bring a pen and paper to take notes, or just bring yourself!

Kameryn “Yams” Rose (he/him) is a nonbinary and autistic artist and personal development coach who views life as a journey to learn, grow, and heal. He has 3 years of experience in therapeutic work and recently left that field to pursue a more flexible schedule in order to healthily attend to his own needs and others’, as well as
pursue his passion for art and music.

Yams spends most of his time researching new resources and finding new music to inspire his creativity. He aspires to be able to help dismantle for others the barriers he faced growing up.

And did you know Yams was a life coach? You can access his services or get more information at …