Style Starts at the Top

As Trans/GNC/ENBY folx, many of us never got proper experience on how to style our hair the way that we’ve always wanted. Trans* Lounge and your instructor, Jessica-Jean de la Vega (she/they) remembers using a flat iron at 11 years old for the first time and basically burning her hair because there was no one to teach her the proper technique. Thankfully through the years of life and becoming a stylist; Jessica-Jean has learned how to properly care for her hair and now wants to share her knowledge with you.

Jessica-Jean is here to teach you the foundations of styling. In this new and exciting 90-minute online workshop, you will learn styling basics that will make it easier for you to achieve the style that you want. Everyone has a different hair type, and in this class, we will break it down so you can come away with the optimal combinations of product and technique for you to achieve the hair you want.

Jessica-Jean will also answer your queries as to how to get your hair where and when you want it. Straight hair with shine and no frizz? Beachy effortless waves that last? We got you covered! And don’t worry, you will also learn tips and techniques for managing synthetic hair.

In this class, you will learn about…

  • Hair products
  • Styling tools such as brushes, flat irons, curling irons/wands
  • Which products and tools are appropriate for your hair type and desired style
  • Managing hair health

Join Jessica-Jean and Trans* Lounge for this lively demo and discussion about hair styling basics.



Jessica-Jean de la Vega (she/they) is a QTPOC who identifies as Non-Binary femme of center. Jessica-Jean has a background as a freelance hair and makeup artist, Queer Educator, Artist, Social Media and marketing consultant for ProjectQ Salon and Expanding Identities Development, and the creator of Sad Girl, a zine that’s launching in July, 2020.

You can find her on Instagram @mxjessicajean