Surgery Suite

Do you have questions surrounding gender-affirming surgeries don’t know where to go for answers? Are you currently in line for a gender-affirming medical procedure and need some advice on after-care? Have you already gone through one (or more) surgeries and have experiences to share? Surgical procedures (even gender-affirming ones) are never easy. Trans* Lounge would like to help try and alleviate some of that anxiety with our newly-expanded THRICE-MONTHLY group offering… Surgery Suite – A Space to Discuss Gender-Affirming Surgeries.

TGI/ENBY+ healthcare, HRT and surgical procedures are much like the gender journey itself. The path is 100% unique to the individual but we all pass a lot of the same landmarks along the way. Sharing information and experiences can help ease some of the anxiety you may be feeling. So, if you are going to have a surgical procedure and need some advice; you’ve had surgeries in the past and want to share what you went through with others or are just beginning to explore gender-affirming surgeries, this group will give you the space needed to discuss your specific situation and hopefully give you some much needed piece of mind.

And to better serve our membership, we now offer specialized group sessions to focus on specific aspects of gender-affirming surgical procedures. While all are welcome to each offering of Surgery Suite, groups will now be scheduled to specifically focus on the trans masculine and trans feminine journeys, as well as an opportunity to ask questions of a medical provider from the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Trans Health Program

NOTE: This is NOT a medically based group. This is a casual space led by volunteer facilitators, to share personal experiences, tips and resources. This DOES NOT replace a consultation with a medical professional. If you have medical or technical questions about your surgery, please contact your doctor.

Meets every 2nd & 4th Thursday

Gina Bigham (she/her) is Program Manager of the Trans* Lounge at the Los Angeles LGBT Center and a woman of trans experience. She has been a Center employee since 2011 and has made her mark on the organization as the long-time lead organizer of Trans Pride L.A., one of the oldest and best attended trans specific pride events in the country.

Along with her work at the Center, Gina is also known throughout the community as one of the co-founders of WildSide’s Sin City Soirée. Founded in 2007 and continuing to this day, the Sin City Soirée is a week-long empowerment party in Las Vegas bringing together hundreds of trans individuals from all over the globe.

Born and raised in San Francisco and a Los Angeles resident since 2009, Gina adores spending time at the beach (#bikinilife) and quiet time at home with her cat, Trixxi. She is committed to empowering all that cross her path and making the trans journey as easy to navigate as possible for as many as possible.


Ash Nichols (they/them) is a queer non-binary trans human, who spends their days gathering stories and facilitating other groups of humans.

Ash has been a theatre and performance artist over the past decade throughout California. Ash has been a producer and manager specializing in new works, community-engaged projects, installations, non-traditional and other weird art things that defy categorization. Ash currently works with Trans* Lounge.