Trans* Professionalism

The world of the trans/GNC professional, regardless of your industry, is constantly shifting and changing. Learning to assess the culture of the company you want to work for is one of the most important components to succeeding in the workplace. For trans/GNC people, entering a new work environment can be intimidating, so assessing the culture of the company and/or industry you want to work in is just one of the many important steps necessary to building a successful career.

In addition to learning how to effectively and fairly access potential employers, this course will arm you with the tools you need to:

  • Identify the job/career of your dreams
  • Determine the steps necessary to securing a
    new job
  • Develop new skills that will help you to more
    effectively apply for employment
  • Develop a powerful resume
  • Deconstruct the interview process

This course will also teach you how to address work-place harassment, should it occur, and how you can become an advocate for an inclusive workplace. In short, this fun and interactive workshop will help tackle the complex workplace dynamics in a safe and empathetic space.

Students should bring a notebook and pen to take notes. If you have a resume that you want to have updated, feel free to bring that along with you.


Drian Juarez Headshot - Cropped
Drian Juarez serves as the Program Manager for the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Transgender Economic Empowerment Project (TEEP). Building a solid foundation for TEEP, Juarez established cross-organizational/cross-functional teams to assist in the mission of developing employment and business opportunities for the Los Angeles trans/GNC community. Under her direction, TEEP has worked with over one thousand trans/GNC people by assisting with basic housing and helping transgender and gender non-conforming people move from the street economy to assisting with more complex job skills like resume writing and job searches. She also works as a consultant on trans/GNC issues in the workplace and assists in developing programs for communities endeavoring to help trans/GNC people get back to work.

Juarez, who is a current member of the West Hollywood Transgender Advisory Board, has developed a coalition of grass-roots organizations to help meet the specific needs of the trans/GNC community. She has collaborated with homeless shelters to provide housing and basic living needs, coordinated with non-profits and schools to offer basic job training and has taught over 500 employers in law enforcement, government entities and businesses on the unique issues faced by the trans/GNC community.

Format: Single Session Workshop
Pre-enrollment: Required
Enrollment Fee: Free
Scheduling: Presenters Availability
Presenter: Drian Juarez