Unicorn Book Club

Even if the shape of our physical worlds have shifted in this upside down time, there is still ample opportunity to expand our minds and dialogue with the world! Join the Trans* Lounge and Lenix Pecikonis, creator of Unicorn Hikers and Unicorn Games, as we take some time to curl up with a good book, poem, or something else thought-provoking with your gender expansive family!

There is such a wonderful expansion of content from Trans/GNC/ENBY authors and artists making its way in the world today. This new and exciting 90-minute group is a great space to get familiar with some amazing new literature and then share what it meant to you with your community!

In each meeting we will all listen to an audio clip of a selected piece (essay, short story or poem)  together as a group and then discuss it together. All you need to bring is a curious mind!

Unicorn Book Club List

  1. Sunday, July 26: Let’s listen to “Baby Tiger” by JY Yang followed by a discussion
  2. Sunday, August 30: Let’s listen to Poet Danez Smith sharing their work Don’t Call Us Dead followed by a discussion. (CW: talks about racism, killing of Black bodies, and Danez uses the N-word)
  3. Sunday, September 27: Let’s listen to poet Raquel Salas Rivera reads for 4 their poems in English and Spanish (approx 18 minutes) followed by a discussion
  4. Sunday, October 11: Let’s listen to Fliers of Gyby Ursula K. Lequin read by Levar Burton followed with a discussion (The only one not by a Trans/GNC/ENBY author/poet, but is super-impactful!)
  5. Sunday, November 22: Let’s listen to Vivek Shraya reads from their book She of the Mountains followed by a discussion. (CW: The introduction misgenders the author; was filmed in 2015, maybe before Vivek began using she/they pronouns)

Lenix Pecikonis (they/them) is a unicorn in training. By day, they’re a digital strategist for progressive candidates, but they’d much prefer to spend all their time outdoors. They are a lover of furry beasts, a happy house-husband, women’s basketball enthusiast, aspiring plant whisperer who will point out interesting nature things while out on the trails.

They’ve been hiking for over 20 years and have hiked through beautiful places in Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, California, Oregon, and Hawaii. Sometimes awkward in person, they can’t wait to meet other trans and ENBY nature lovers in the LA area.


Format: Storytime & Discussion via ZOOM
Pre-enrollment: Not Required
Enrollment fee: Free
Scheduling: Sunday Evenings Monthly (July 26, August 30, September 27, October 11, November 22)