YouTube and YOU!

Are you looking to get your message out to the masses? Have you wanted to bringing your trans*/GNC experience to YouTube but not sure how to begin? This new and interactive workshop; taught by a trans* woman and YouTube expert, aims to simplify the many aspects of the platform so that regardless of your tech-savviness, you can impact and inspire your community and the world. To build up your YouTube know-how, the following topics will be covered in this workshop…

  • Getting Started: Let’s get the little details out of the way by showing you how to create and manage your YouTube channel so you can start enjoying the more advanced features of YouTube right away.
  • Phonin’ it In (and other budget tips): You don’t need fancy gear to get started! Learn how you can use your phone to film, edit and upload video content.
  • Tips on Content Creation:  Learn what works (and doesn’t work) when you want to draw viewers into your channel and how you can leverage YouTube Analytics to better understand your audience.
  • Getting Help: What happens if you get stuck? We’ll cover how to get help from YouTube.
  • Staying Safe on YouTube: Learn what moderation features are available to build safe, empathetic conversations while mitigating potentially negative behavior, as well as general tips to ensure your privacy.

This may seem like a bit to cover and there will be lots of technical information but this 2 – 3 hour, hands-on workshop is presented in a way that all levels of computer users can understand. Join us for this amazing opportunity to arm yourself with all the tools you need to make your presence felt WORLD-WIDE!


Brooke Dengler has spent the last five years of her career at YouTube as the head of an internal production agency currently based in YouTube Space LA. Her knowledge of creating data-driven short-form educational content can be seen in the YouTube Help channel, the largest EDU channel on the platform with nearly five million subscribers.

Brooke is eager to share her expertise with the trans community so anyone getting started with YouTube can better leverage its tools to create safe and collaborative environments.