Community Resources

This index is primarily for services based in Los Angeles County. Not all resources here are specifically geared towards gender expansive and TGI/ENBY+ folx (Trans, Gender Non-Conforming, Intersex & Non-Binary), but resources which are have been indicated in the Accessibility column.

Accessibility column contains information about language support, and identity-specific resources; you can find these resources by searching each list for specific terms, such as: Español, BIPOC, etc.

If you have any resources you would like added to this list, or a reason you feel a resource needs to removed from this list please contact: [email protected]*

*Please note this is only for updating the resource list, and not for support in accessing resources.

The list is searchable, and available for download and print.

Organization (Links to Website)ContactServices DescriptionLocationAccessibility
Trans* Lounge[email protected].Free classes, workshops, and groups for the gender expansive community. 25+ groups offered monthly.Virtual
1125 N McCadden Pl
Los Angeles, CA 90038
TGI/ENBY+. English & Closed Captioning available on virtual platforms.
Social Networking Groups[email protected]Coming Out Workshops (Men, Women, TGI/ENBY+), Herstories, MasQ, Hablemos, FLEX, Trans Perceptions, Club IntersexVirtual
1125 N. McCadden Pl
Los Angeles, California 90038
LGBTQ+. Español Groups: Hablemos & FLEX. Closed Captioning available on virtual platforms.
Lifeworks: Youth Mentoring at the Center[email protected] Mentorship program for youth ages 12-24 to be matched with adult mentors for long term connections and guidance.Virtual
1125 N. McCadden Pl
Los Angeles, CA 90038
LGBTQ+ youth ages 12-24 as Mentees. LGBTQ+ adults 30+ as Mentors.
Trans: A Group (TAG)Intake Form
[email protected]
TGI/ENBY+ social and support group for ages 12-24. Currently meets virtually. Weekly on Mondays 6-8pm PST. Link for intake form, e-mail with questions.Virtual
1125 N McCadden Pl,
Los Angeles, CA 90038
TGI/ENBY+ youth ages 12-24. English only available at this time.
Seniors Services

(323) 860-5830
[email protected]

Free classes, workshops, and groups for the LGBTQ+ folx 50+. Senior Services also offers Case managers who can help connect to resources, such as housing, etc.Virtual
1118 N. McCadden Pl
Los Angeles, CA 90038
LGBTQ+, 50+ adults.
Volunteer Resources at LA LGBT CenterRegister here!Register to volunteer to support LGBTQ+ community through the LA LGBT Center's programming. Types of volunteer opportunities available include: general support, ongoing program support, professional skills, resistance squad, special events, & mentoring.9 Locations in LA AreaAll Identities to support LGBTQ+ programs. All spoken languages encouraged to register!
AIDS Life Cycle

(323) 860-7380
[email protected]

LGBTQ+ Cycling Fundraising ride to support HIV research, for cycling community, training, and volunteer oipportunities.SF & LALGBTQ+
Village at Ed Gould PlazaCourtyard, computer lab, social networking groups, restrooms, cultural arts programming. In-person access will vary during COVID.1125 N. McCadden Pl
Los Angeles, CA 90038
All identities.
Center South

(323) 860-3799
IG: @centersouth_
[email protected]

HIV testing, access to PrEP and PEP services, housing case management, mental health services, computer lab, drop-in safe space for everyone, with a focus on serving the needs of young gay and bisexual men of color ages 12 to 29. Instagram is the best way to stay up to date with events. In-person access will vary during COVID.2313 W Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90008
LGBTQ+. Language: English & Español
Mi Centro[email protected]Groups & HIV testing. In-person access will vary during COVID,1930 Wilshire Blvd #208
LA, CA 90057
LGBTQ+. Language: English & Español
American Trans Resource Hub 562-653-6029
[email protected]
Connection to resources for legal, education and healthcare, support groups, and binder giveaways.OnlineTGI/ENBY+
Center for Health Justice213-229-0985
Warm Line for Resources:
(213) 320-8829
Services for people with a history of incarceration: health education and supportive services that act as a bridge to a healthier, more productive life. Resources guide, as will as warm line that responds 9a-5p, M-F.900 Avila Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
All Identities. Individuals with experience with incarceration.
Cuties[email protected]Cuties is a Black & queer-owned community space providing resources and events, both virtually and in-person, to the LGBTQIA+ community. Based in Los Angeles, CA, Cuties began as a coffee shop and safe space focused on providing queer community and a place to gather that wasn’t centered around alcohol.
You can sign-up for their mailing list on their website 
Los Angeles, CALGBTQ+ Folx, Centering QTBIPOC folx
Diversity Collective - Ventura County(805) 644-5428
[email protected]
Groups for LGBTQ+ Youth ages 8-23, Education, and HIV/STI education.Ventura County
2471 Portola Road Ste 100

Ventura, CA 93003
LGBTQ+. Language: English
FLUX events, creating safe spaces, and advocacy for Trans/GNC folx.Greater Los Angeles Area.
Online services available.
Gender Cool ProjectContact FormThe GenderCool Project is a youth-led movement bringing positive change to the world. The Champions are helping replace misinformed opinions with positive experiences meeting transgender and non-binary youth who are thriving.National OrginzationFor TGI/ENBY+ Youth. Website in English
The Gender Doula[email protected]Trans-identified Gender Doula providing education and support for TGI/ENBY+ folx and their loved ones, including HRT information circles, trainings, and doula services. Most services available on sliding scale.Greater Los Angeles Area.
Online services available.
All identities.
Gender Justice LA(323) 300-8599Advocacy group. Organizes, holds space, provides resources, and collaborates with others so that our communities can: resist, develop, heal, and come together in ways that feel brave & affirming.Los Angeles, CATGI/ENBY+ Identified. Centering BIPOC.
Gender Spectrum, resources, and support groups for folx supporting trans-identified youth. National directory of resources and groups.Parents, Services Providers and TGI/ENBY+ youth.
Invisible Men, resource connection, mental health support and resource connection, including a free chest binder program!Los Angeles, CA
Atlanta, GA
Transmasculine & ENBY Identified. Centering BIPOC.
JQ Helpline JQ Helpline is a Jewish LGBT+ organization that provides inclusive support and resources for LGBTQ+ Jews, their families, and allies. There is a toll free number as well as online support groups, as well as events and education.801 Larrabee St., Ste #10
West Hollywood, CA 90069
Jewish LGBTQ+ folx and their loved ones.
Love in TransContact PageProgram led by a trans/cis couple built for supporting partnerships where someone is involved in a gender transitions. Services include peer-led support spaces, and one-on-one coachings.VirtualTGI/ENBY+ and Loved Ones. Language: English
Non-Binary & Intersex Recognition Project[email protected]Advocacy organization focused on Education, Research & Policy.3756 W Avenue 40, Ste. K #272
Los Angeles, CA 90065
ENBY, Intersex + Identitifed focused.
NBULA - Non-Binary Union Los Angeles
 [email protected]
Social support and programming for non-binary folx of many identities! Virtual groups, calls, and social media engagement available.Virtual
ENBY+ Identified.
ProjectQ(213) 617-8442
[email protected]
ProjectQ provides free gender affirming haircuts, self empowering workshops, food & hygiene boxes, gender affirming clothing, chest binders, menstrual products, and so much more to LGBTQIA+ youth experiencing homelessness.Los Angeles, CA LGBTQIA+ youth experiencing homelessness.
Free Online Self-Defense Course by TheyThemFriends aka Your Gay Dance TeacherContact form

Free online program for download for trans & non-binary adults who want to learn more about self-defense and grounding themselves. In this program, you'll find over 9 hours of video course content [CC] on the following topics on HOW TO: Stop a Panic Attack through Embodiment, Regulate the Nervous System through Breathwork and Movement, Balance Hypervigiliance vs. Risk Assessment through Mindfulness, Co-Create Safety through Requests and Boundaries, Use Your Self-Defense when De-Escalating Conflict, and more.

Virtual DownloadAvailable in English and with Closed Captions. Accessed virtually, and can be completed on your own time and space.
Trans Chorus of Los Angeles[email protected] chorus for TGI/ENBY+ individuals.Los Angeles, CATransgender,Non-Binary, Intersex, Gender-Non-Conforming and Gender-Fluid individuals
Trans Defense Fund LAApply for Free Self-Defense KitsSelf-defense classes and kits for TGI/ENBY+ community, mutual aid.LA-focused, but not exclusive.TGI/ENBY+. Centering BIPOC & Sex Workers.
Transgender MapIndex of transition resources , information, and support. Online index of resources
Trans Lifeline Resource IndexIndex of resources for gender expansive and questioning folx. Trans and BIPOC led & centering organizations have been prioritized in this index. Topics include:  Aging, Anti Racism & Not Relying on Police, Coming Out, Conferences, Criminal Justice Support, Disability, Domestic Violence, Español, Gaming, Healthcare, Immigration & Undocumented Support, Legal Transition, Mental Health & Wellness, Mutual Aid, Non-Binary & Genderqueer, Online Harassment, Other Hotlines & Warmlines, SEx Work, Shelter & Housing, Social Transition, &WorkOnline Resource Index
Available in English & Español
TrevorSpaceChat rooms and virtual spaces & community for LGBTQ+ young people.VirtualLGBTQ+ Youth, ages 13-24.
Reach LA(213) 622 1650
[email protected]
Support spaces, creative arts programming, sexual health services. HIV/AIDS prevention education, linkage to care and support services for HIV positive and high-risk negative youth and young adults.1400 E. Olympic Blvd. #240
Los Angeles, CA 90021
Youth. POC Indentified.
San Gabriel Valley LGBTQ+ Center(626) 578-5772 (text/call)
[email protected]
Peer-led support groups that include: Non-Binary, TGI, Craft, Disability Justice, Seniors, Youth Support, QTPOC.Virtual
Prince Erik Hall
2607 S. Santa Anita Ave
Arcadia, CA 91006
Stand with TransContact Form
[email protected]
Support groups & resources for TGI/ENBY+youth & their parents. Virtual groups available.MI - Virtual groups availableTGI/ENBY+ Youth & Parents.
The TransverseContact PageTrans-owned and operate media content and social media spaces, including: Twitch, Discord, YouTube, Facebook, & Instagram.Virtual &
Ventura County
TGI/ENBY+. Language: English
Unique Women's Coalition(650) 336-8471
[email protected]
Black Trans organization providing supportive spaces, Covid-19 relief, mentorship, scholarship, and community care engagement work.3055 Wilshire Blvd Ste 350
Los Angeles, CA 90010
Black TGI/ENBY+.
The Wall Las Memorias(323) 257-1056
[email protected]
Community wellness organization for Latinx LGBTQ+ folx providing linkage to services and peer-led counseling & support groups, especial around issue of sexual health and substance use. Support groups include for: trans femmes of color, ENBY folx, youth, HIV+, spirituality, and families & caregivers.800 W. Sixth St, Ste 750
Los Angeles, CA 90017
2020 E. 1st St
Los Angeles, CA 90033
LGBTQ+ & Latinx-identified. Languages: English & Español