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Luckie Alexander Fuller (he/him/Superman) is a passionate advocate and founder of Invisible Men, aa organization focused on uplifting and building community among trans men and nonbinary transmasculine folks centered on people of color. Luckie is an important connector across LGBTQI community groups and organizations and a steadfast advocate for transmasculine people and trans parents. You may also know Luckie as:

– a member of Gender Justice Los Angeles and the Los Angeles County Transgender Advisory Council; AND
– a proud member & Historian of Brown Boi Project; AND
– an HIV Commissioner and a community advisory board member for UCLA’s Center for HIV Identification, Prevention, and Treatment Services ; AND
– a recipient of the Lou Sullivan Award for his work centered around transmasculine individuals in the HIV/AIDS arena; AND
– 2018 Mr. Quest, a community advocacy award with APAIT.

Luckie is a crucial voice in health education and organizing, trans justice, and the movement for black lives. In 2019, he was the Assistant Strategy Director for the historic 2019 National Trans Visibility March. In 2020, he was the designer of the “ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER” art installation on Hollywood Blvd.

IG: @invisibletransmen
IG: @luckiealexander