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Coretta Monk is also known as Simo Love, and the album is aptly titled “Counterculturally Black” and it is available on all streaming platforms!


Coretta is a transplant from North Carolina and has been singing since she was a child in her Church choir. She majored in Theatre Performance at Appalachian State University and additionally graduated from the Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts in Santa Maria, California.

The album is all about her experience as a black trans woman and includes songs about the Trans is Beautiful & Black Lives Matter movements, copping with being single, interracial relationships, HIV and toxicity. “I also titled it “Counterculturally Black” so that I could define what black means myself. I’ve always felt that black culture was a counterculture to mainstream culture and as proud as I am to be a part of that counterculture, I wanted to release it so that I could grow because I am so much more than just black.

It is not always about race. Sometimes it is about despair. Sometimes it is about the things around the blackness like light. Sometimes it is about darkness. Sometimes it is about the hope that President Barack Obama ran on and a better Soul for America. I intentionally include genres that may not be necessarily mainstream to black artists because music is colorless and oh so colorful.

The album is very eclectic and spans from spoken word to hip hop, pop to R&B, Tropical House with jazz, soft rock, grunge, synth wave, electronica and even funk with afrobeat influences. Coretta, or Simo Love, is very proud of the album; as it was a 12 year process.

“I wanted to not be stuck in my emotions and depression after I was diagnosed with HIV. I was unsure if I was hell bound for being trans and I just needed an outlet. So I began to write songs reflecting my mood and my hopes and dreams. There is a certain freedom I feel as a songwriter that I do not necessarily feel in my everyday life. It is like I am able to have a clarity of thought that I do not normally possess.”

“I am so proud of the album cover. It is an homage to the trans women of color whose lives have been taken, which may trigger some darkness and sadness, but I hope to bring more awareness to them and people like us.”

Link to stream and buy “Counterculturally Black” Below!


This is an opportunity for people who identify as transgender/Gender Non-Conforming/Non-Binary to practice meditation together, build community and explore the experience of transition.

All people under the trans umbrella are welcome no matter where you exist along the gender spectrum or binary, as well as those who are questioning their gender identity.

Sunday, December 6, 2020
1:00 PM – 3:00 PM PT

TRANS* LOUNGE INSTRUCTOR HARMONY LEE PRESENTS “HEAL 2 HELP”; A WEEKLY HEALING SPACEDo you feel heaviness in your chest? Depression? Anxiety? Stomach pains and nausea? Physical pain?

These are physical symptoms of nervous system dysregulation.

Would you like your mind to slow down?


Let’s find clarity together.

Healers are critical in the social change ecosystem. I look to my fellow healers and see us frozen, dis-regulated, stuck, overwhelmed.

In short, we are unable to help to our fullest potential.

In this state of chronic stress and collective trauma, we need clarity in order to access our medicine, our magic, our intuition, our vision for highest healing. To do that we need to find our breath, regulate our nervous system, and heal ourselves so we do not inflict harm on those we are trying to support.

Panicked nervous systems lead to panicked decisions, which can consume valuable time. But, we can leverage nervous system co-regulation through mirror neuron response to amplify healing, sustain our selves, and help those who need us, now more than ever.

This is a space of non-judgement. By being here, you are doing enough.


We have work to do.

Please share with your fellow healers who are dedicated to Black liberation and healing justice.


“Hooray, What A Day!/¡Viva,Qué Día!” is a bilingual children’s book by non-binary artist Molly Allis. It follows ten-year old Frankie and their best friend Jesse through a joyful day in their queer and colorful community. Join Frankie and Jesse as they go to a parade, make DIY projects together, and help out at the neighborhood garden. Along the way Frankie learns to celebrate the people in their life that they get to call their chosen family. People of all ages can enjoy this uplifting look at identity, self-esteem and friendship.

Hooray, What A Day!/¡Viva, Qué Día! will also be part of Gender Inclusive Classrooms’ resource list of books for teachers who want to foster safe, welcoming gender-inclusive classrooms. To learn more about Gender Inclusive Classrooms’ mission, click here.

Lastly, Molly is available to connect with people about this book! If you know anyone who might be interested in featuring Hooray, What A Day!/¡Viva, Qué Día! on a blog, podcast, or other types of media, please feel free to reach out to us at Trans* Lounge and we will get you in touch.




From persevering through bullying, suicidal thoughts and depression, transitioning, domestic violence, being shot at, experimenting with substances, enduring employment discrimination, living on the verge of homelessness, losing 65 pounds, developing and managing PTSD, and eventually coming out on the other side to build a personal brand, become a model and activist. Dylan Thomas Cotter would like to be very clear – he never wanted to be anyone’s inspiration. He has often wished his life was easier. That’s just not his truth. 

He’s made mistakes. We all have. He has put himself in and went through a ton of wild situations. He’s overcome adversity like many others. He’s also helped to build trans community programs, teach empowerment classes and LGBTQIA+ community advocacy programs.

When you read this book, you’ll understand why the words “amazing” and “inspiring” are often used to describe Dylan. You’ll see why he is constantly in motion, and building towards a future that empowers diverse voices and pushes for success and inclusion of people from all protected characteristics and walks of life. 

Available on Amazon:


World Building IV with Bridgid Ryan and Nikki Bailey

An 8 week TV writing workshop

In this workshop, you will learn to write a TV pilot. You will be guided and supported step by step, through a dynamic writing process geared towards aspiring queer, trans, and nonbinary professional screenwriters. We will hold each other accountable, providing weekly structure in which creativity can flow freely. Integral to this community practice will be action: we will work to connect people and ideas, and to challenge internalized narratives of imposter syndrome while giving and receiving gentle, constructive feedback.

At the end of the 8 weeks, you will have an original TV pilot and a different understanding of your process. 

Bridgid Ryan is a Los Angeles-based professional screenwriter and consultant who has optioned/developed work with Sobini Films, Shudder, AMC Networks, College Humor, Comedy Central, and others. 

Nikki Bailey is television writer and an Emmy Award nominated producer with a seminary education. She combines her love of all things spiritual with her love of all things creative in an artistic process that focuses on self-care, ritual, community accountability and butt gusting laughter.

Meet Via Zoom

Jan 4 – Feb 22, 2021
Monday, 2- 4:30 pm PST

Class will cost $250-$300. Please pay what you are able to fairly compensate the teacher and TA and help subsidize the inclusion of students facing diverse economic realities. 

Nonrefundable $100 Venmo deposit to @maudes-friend secures your spot.

TO APPLY: E-mail [email protected] 


~Student Testimonials Below~

This is huge for me. It’s the most writing I’ve gotten done in years. – Nikki

Before World Building I I did not know anything about half hour comedy structure, how to comfortably state my pronouns, speak to land acknowledgement in a class setting or how to proclaim myself an artist who deserves to be compensated! The class was a refreshing challenge and as someone who doesn’t think of myself as a comedian or funny, it forged the kind of self-knowledge I was looking for. Bridgid facilitates a welcoming space for growth, expression and community for a diverse group of individuals often sidelined in more traditional spaces. -Kelsey

I loved Bridgid’s direction and how they structured the class! Bridgid is a teacher who cares about their students and that shows. -Mia

Worldbuilding with Bridgid has guided me so effectively in figuring out not only my writing process, but how to take ideas and stories I’m passionate about and adapt them in a way that can be fluidly understood by my peers. I’m really glad to get to know other writers, grow my network, and expand the culture of writing in my environment through the class too. Every writer I’ve met in both workshops so far is so full of insight and has had really entertaining and eye-opening ideas which all help build the world of writing in my life beyond the class, thanks to Bridgid’s communication and teaching style which totally makes the environment friendly and professional!  – Murphy 

I learned about Bridgid’s script writing class from a friend’s Facebook newsfeed.  I had no idea how I would feel 8 weeks later on the first day of zoom class. Bridgid was nurturing and kind as she gently led us through the process and exercises of script writing.  It was a wonderful experience, learning how to build a world and fill it with life. My grin is real and true because by golly, I wrote my first ever television show! Thank you Bridgid! – Katsy

I feel like a full on badass now that I’ve gotten my pilot written! If you’ve been looking for a good writing class, I HIGHLY recommend this one! – Nikki

The format of this class was everything I’ve wanted other writing classes to be. The rules of the class create a safe, effective environment where we’re encouraged to take the heart of the note without pitching ideas. The pace is rigorous but manageable because Bridgid genuinely takes the time to meet you where you’re at. I’ve dreamt of writing this pilot for four years, but this class pushed me to reach FADE OUT. -Jess







  • Anti-Violence Program LA LGBT Center, (323) 993-7673:
    Services, including legal, for those who have experienced violence, discrimination, and harassment

  • Clean Power Alliance

  • Do you live in Sawtelle? Get paid to share your experience getting around your neighborhood!
    KDI is partnering with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) to conduct Changing Lanes: A Gender Equity Transportation StudyThe study is a paid opportunity for community members to help ensure LA’s transportation system works better for those of all genders during times of crisis and business as usual. 
    LADOT is conducting this study because, historically, data collected on transportation patterns has overrepresented travel by men, meaning our streets, buses, sidewalks, trains, bicycle networks and much more have not been designed with users of all genders in mind. The Changing Lanes study will collect data on the ways all residents get around the city and their neighborhoods to improve gender equity in transportation planning and service decisions. The survey will also collect data on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on travel patterns by different groups.
    In this first phase of the study, we’re working in three neighborhoods: Sun Valley, Sawtelle, and Watts. LADOT will use the data collected in the study to inform pilot projects in these study neighborhoods to test different types of improvements.
    We are seeking Sawtelle community members to participate in the study (all participation is paid)
    1. Join a small working group of community members for approximately three 1-2 hour virtual meetings between June and September. The working group will advise KDI on local outreach methods and other aspects of the project. Working group meetings will be in English and Spanish and we will provide any meeting materials in any languages that are helpful to community members. 
    2. Call Sawtelle community members and complete short phone surveys. All calling will be done at home and is paid. Surveying will take place between July and August. 
    Community members interested in joining the Sawtelle Working Group and/or administering phone surveys should reach out to Carolyn Angius at [email protected] or 971-409-3667

  • Clean Jacks Cleaning Services

    Get more info on this innovative new way that the FIGHT Magazine is trying to keep out of work bartenders and food services folx employed at this critical time. 









Sex Workers Outreach Project – Los Angeles (SWOPLA) is a peer support organization run by and for sex workers. Our mission is, broadly,  to pursue our human rights to bodily autonomy, racial and social justice, and mutual liberation through outreach, education, mutual aid and political advocacy.

Sex workers are extremely vulnerable right now as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many of us relied on work that we can no longer do because of health and safety concerns, and many of us can no longer work under the new “Stay Home” orders. Many of the most marginalized and vulnerable people in our community rely on sex work for income. Many disabled people, trans people, people of color, and queer people rely on sex work for income, face serious barriers to accessing institutional help, and are now suffering greatly.

We are trying to raise funds to directly aid sex workers impacted by COVID-19, and ask for you to help us however you can. Please, donate, share, and apply for assistance. 

Link to Donate

Link to Apply for Emergency Relief Funds

For more Information


Every Wednesday!

The Non-Binary Union of LA (NBULA)

Hosts weekly Community Calls for non-binary, intersex, gender non-conforming and questioning folks to connect socially and build community.

Discussion topics are shared in advance each week on the NBULA Instagram and Facebook @the_nbula, so you can ponder in advance if that’s your style! New friends join each week – you’ll never be the only newbie and there is no location requirement to join! 

When: Weekly on Wednesdays 
Time: 5:30pm PST
Where: Zoom Meeting, sign up at the link below. 

Tell us your story and follow the simple process to apply.

Amount: $2,500 (awarded annually)

Payment is made directly to your accredited U.S. College or University.

Current Deadline: 12/31/2020

Simple Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must:

  • Identify as Transgender
  • Plan to pursue a degree, or currently pursuing a degree, at an accredited U.S. post-secondary institution
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Be a U.S. Citizen


Sex Education Research Study

Hello! We are researchers from the Washington State University Psychology Department. We are conducting a psychology research project on the well-being of gender minority students, including transgender, gender non-binary, and gender non-conforming students. This research has been certified exempt for review by the WSU Institutional Review Board.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE: For our study, we are seeking participants who identify themselves as a gender minority (not cisgender), ages 18-26 years old, speak fluent English, and have experienced sex education. We are working with organizations at institutions throughout the country to help us recruit participants, and you may be receiving this information from an organization you are a member of or affiliated with.

WHAT IT CONSISTS OF: Participants will complete an online survey that will take about 15 minutes on a voluntary basis. Upon successful completion of the online survey, participants will have the opportunity to enter a raffle draw for one of five $50 Amazon gift cards.

All responses to the survey will be completely anonymous. The survey includes some sensitive questions regarding mental and sexual health, sexuality, gender identity, and other personal information. All information is kept anonymous and confidential. Any questions can be sent to Gregory Keiser at [email protected]. This study has been certified exempt for human subjects review by the Washington State University Institutional Review Board. If you are interested in participating, please visit the following secure website link below.

Thank you very much for your consideration!


UCLA and the Los Angeles LGBT Center have launched a new Tobacco and Cannabis Use survey for 18-29 year olds who live in California and smoke tobacco. Survey respondents will earn $10 via Venmo for completing the survey, if eligible. Please feel free to circulate the survey and the survey materials with your clients and listservs! The survey is available in English and Spanish.
Please visit to find more information about the study and screen for eligibility.

Don’t miss out on our chance to be heard and counted!
NORC at the University of Chicago is conducting a survey sponsored by the California
Department of Public Health and seeking California residents 18 and up to participate.
The purpose of this survey is to learn about Californians thoughts and feelings toward
mental health and the services provided in California to better support people
experiencing mental health challenges. The information will be used to improve services
and policies throughout the state.
How do I participate?
Sign-up to participate in the survey at
Why participate?
Your input matters! Your opinion about mental health and services available can shape
policy and priorities to better support those experiencing mental health challenges.
Those who complete the survey will also receive a $10 gift card for their time.
How long will it take?
Completing the survey should take no more than 20 minutes.
What about privacy?
NORC does not collect personally identifying information in this survey. Your personally
identifying information can never be shared with law enforcement or Immigration and
Customs Enforcement (ICE). The data we collect from you will be combined with data
from other participants. Throughout the survey you can skip questions or stop at any
time. Email [email protected] if you have any questions.

Need to talk? The Trans Lifeline is a peer support hotline run by and for trans/GNC/ENBY folx. They are available 7 AM – 1 AM PST / 9 AM – 3 AM CST / 10 AM – 4 AM EST. Volunteers may be available off hours. Call the Hotline at 877-565-8860.

The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning youth.

For more info: [email protected] or text 424-343-7752

For More Info; contact Mireya Amador at 562.294.5500 x. 214 or Ada Aleman at 562-294-5500 x.200. 

Even while the Trump administration attacks our health care access, it’s important to know what our rights are and what our options are. That’s why I’m pleased to announce the launch of the Health Coverage Guide, a new step-by-step resource designed to help get your insurance company to cover the care you need and that you have the right to access.

The Health Coverage Guide is an interactive tool for transgender people, our families, and caregivers seeking coverage for transition-related care, offering step-by-step instructions for learning what your plan covers and to get pre-authorizations for transition-related care. It’s designed especially for people with private insurance and Medicaid, and there are resources for those with Medicare too.

Too frequently, transgender people endure surprise medical bills and denials for basic treatments simply because of who we are. For far too long, we’ve waited for a resource to help patients get insurance companies to APPROVE their health care—so we made one! According to our US Transgender Survey, one in four transgender people with insurance coverage reports experiencing mistreatment or unfair denials in the year prior to taking the survey. We’re on the front lines of trying to change this, and the Health Coverage Guide is one step in the right direction.

Check out the Health Coverage Guide now!

In Solidarity,

Mara Keisling, NCTE Executive Director

Unfortunately, discrimination in the workplace against transgender people is still alarmingly common. That’s why the Los Angeles LGBT Center offers services to help transgender women and men develop professional skills, find employment with trans-friendly employers and thrive in the workplace.

Free Services Include:
— One-on-one sessions with a client advocate
— Help setting and achieving career goals
— Job Interview Workshops
— Help Crafting a powerful resume
— Name and gender change and other legal assistance, both employment and non-employment related, including criminal record expungement

Call: 323-860-3713 or send an email to: [email protected]

The Trans Wellness Center (TWC) provides comprehensive resources and services for transgender and non-binary people under one roof. The 3,000-square-foot center is the first-of-its-kind in the United States, with six local organizations joining forces to create this new home for wellness. The TWC was conceived and created by community leaders and allies, honoring their lifelong dedication to raise awareness about the needs and the contributions of the transgender community

Funded through a $1 million annual grant for three to five years from the L.A. County Department of Public Health, the development and opening of the TWC was 10 years in the making. As a result, the TWC was formed by the following six local community organizations: APAIT (Asian Pacific AIDS Intervention Team); Bienestar; Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles; Friends Community Center; [email protected] Coalition; and the Los Angeles LGBT Center, which is leading the management and operations support for the TWC. Below are just some of the amazing programming offered by the Trans Wellness Center.

Get important info on the updated status of Trans Wellness Center services

January 2021

* Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and adherence to social distancing guidelines, our office is limiting clients in the lobby to 4 max at a time, and only clients who have an appointment to receive in-person services that otherwise couldn’t be provided via phone appointment.

  • We encourage clients to utilize Email / Phone to first contact us:

️ New Client Registration portal:


  • Note our *NEW* Hours: M-F, 10AM-7PM
  • Address: 3055 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 360, Los Angeles, Ca 90010
  • Getting here; The TWC is located one block (.2 mi) east of the Vermont/Wilshire Metro stop.Parking; Free validated parking for clients is available in the guest garage, entrance off Westmoreland Ave. Retain white ticket to receive blue validation.


Fri, 1/1 – CLOSED for New Years Day
Mon, 1/18 – CLOSED for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

ONLINE Support Groups :

  • *NEW* TransMasc Intergenerational Exchange, 2nd Friday each month, 3PM-4PM. Facilitated by Luckie Alexander. A space designed to bridge the generational gaps and discuss the unique challenges of the TransMasculine community.
    Call or email for more information: (323) 860-5830, email: [email protected]
  • Toolbox 2.0 presented by APAIT; Every other Friday, 5:30PM-7:30PM. A Trans-masculine discussion group & support space. Enrollment: Open/Free.
    Email Julian for exact dates and Zoom mtg ID and PW: [email protected]
  • TransAction, presented by Friend’s Community Center. M-F, 6:00PM-7:00PM. A support group for transgender women at any stage of transition, many participants are in a marginal or transitional living situation. Enrollment: Open/Free
    Call to RSVP: (323) 463-1601


YOUTH SUPPORT GROUPS – Presented Online by CHLA (for youth under 25)

  • Trans Brave SpaceThursdays, 4PM-5PM, Presented online for Youth under 25. Enrollment: Open/Free. To RSVP:
  • B. L.U.S.H. Fridays, 3PM-4:30PM (Brave Leaders Unified to Strengthen our Health) Presented online for youth under 25. Enrollment: Open/Free. To RSVP:


Trans Can Work: Every Wednesday, 11AM-6PM. *In Person* Appointment only. Resume & cover letter composition, mock interview, job readiness, and more! Call to make an appointment:

Freedom Fridays: Every Friday 12PM-5PM. Appointment only. Free assistance w legal name & gender marker change. Provided *In person* by TEEP (Transgender Economic Empowerment Project).

Legal Assistance: For other legal questions & navigation (not related to name & gender marker change) contact the Legal clinic of the LA LGBT Center:

  • English: (323) 993-7668
  • Spanish: (323) 993-7692

Housing Referrals: Info and referrals to emergency shelters, transitional housing. Call TWC main line for more info: 323-993-2900.

Benefits Enrollment: Assistance enrolling in Medi-Cal, CalFresh, CalWorks, other programs. Call TWC main line for more info: 323-993-2900.


Sexual Health

  • Free condoms, lube, dental dams – safer sex materials are always available in TWC lobby.
  • Info and linkage to PrEP & PEP, call 323-993-2900 for more info

>>>HIV Testing<<<

M-W, 9AM-5PM @ APAIT storefront (No incentive offered Mon, Tues, Wed)

  • Incentivized 💲 HIV testing

ONLY available on Thursdays & Fridays, by appointment only.

11:30AM-4:30PM – check in at TWC Suite 360

    • Trans* ID’d clients will RECEIVE 💲25 American Express Gift Card 💳 FOR HIV TEST. Thursdays & Fridays ONLY, first check-in at TWC Suite 360. Call to make an appointment: (323) 993-2900

>>> STI testing<<< Thursdays, 10AM-2PM. Free. By appointment only, Call for more info: 323-993-2900

  • Already know your HIV status? Are you out of care? Get linked back into care with the LGBT Center.
  • Receive $25 💳 incentive for attending your 1st appointment.
  • Call for more info: 323-993-2900


Trans Health Clinic:
We accept most insurances except Kaiser HMO. Call us to ask if we accept your insurance or are in your network: 323-993-2900

Primary Care Medical Services conducted via Tele-Health & Video visit. By appointment only. To register and schedule an appointment, call: 323-993-2900

  • Primary Care
  • HRT (Hormones)
  • PrEP

Mental Health:

  • Crisis Counseling available via Tele-health phone call. Please call the LGBT Center Mental health department: 323-993-7500 ext. 5.
  • Therapy: Wednesdays, 9AM-1PM via Tele-health sessions w certified therapist. Up to 16 sessions available.
    • Call TWC main line to register and make an appointment: 323-993-2900
    • We accept most insurances except Kaiser HMO.

Clothing Closet:

*Appointment Only* Open every Tuesday 11:30AM-4PM. Max 10 clients a day.

  • To make appointment please call 323-993-2900.
  • Clothes (Max 3x clothing items, 1x pair of shoes)
  • Cosmetics (Max 3x items)
  • Hygiene products (upon request)

Want to donate to our clothing closet?

Donations are accepted M-F, 11AM-5PM.

For donations of substantial size, please call ahead to set-up an agreed upon time to drop off.

TWC main line: 323-993-2900.

We need the following items:

    • Chest Binders – New & gently used
    • New underwear (men’s and women’s)
    • New socks
    • Jeans – New & gently used (Men’s 29-38, Women’s 6-18)
    • Jackets – New & gently used
    • Belts
    • Ties

We do not accept:

    • soiled or torn clothes
    • Children’s sizes (too small)
    • Bedding/sheets/pillows
    • luggage
    • Electronics
    • Books
    • Cleaning products
    • Household/kitchen items

Other Donations

Want to donate in another way to the Trans Wellness Center? Contact us here: [email protected] , or TWC main line: 323-993-2900



The Los Angeles LGBT Center’s LifeWorks program offers programming that helps support and develop youth ages 24 and under who identify within the LGBTQ+ Spectrum. Their one-on-one mentorship program supports youth from various backgrounds by matching them with mentors who can relate and help a youth develop academically, professionally, and personally.

Many of our trans youth find it challenging to see themselves becoming successful adults, we are currently in need of Trans Identified professionals of all backgrounds to join our one-on-one mentoring program.

For anyone interested, please contact Mentoring Coordinator Emmy Martinez at 323-860-7391 or [email protected].

As an organization founded and sustained by volunteers, the Los Angeles LGBT Center offers a wide range of meaningful opportunities to support its mission to build a world where LGBTQ people thrive as healthy, equal and complete members of society. Why should you volunteer at the Center?

  • To participate in fun and exciting events.
  • To meet other great people who support the Center’s mission
  • Because we depend on YOU! The Center wouldn’t exist without the support of its dedicated volunteers.

From client-focused opportunities, to supporting fundraising events, the Center offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

To learn more about the Center’s volunteer program, please register to attend our next Volunteer Information Session. You can register using the link on their website below.

For more information, please contact [email protected] or 323-993-8984.

The BLAC (Black LGBTQIA+ Action Coalition) will be hosting its community fellowship discussing the mental, behavioral and emotional needs we are currently facing during this time. This group will be facilitated by Nina Barkers, Gerald Garth and Vanessa Warri, who bring years of expertise and experience to this lively safe space of sharing. Tell your friends, spread the word and come join in 🙂 !! This Saturday 26th (11am-1pm) via ZOOM


Topic: BLAC is BACK!

Time: Sep 26th, 2020 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Pre/Post Test: (Please fill out before Saturday)

Survey Link:

Join Zoom Meeting Link:

For more information, call 323-863-3431 or email [email protected]

When it comes to your identity, the only person you have to answer to is YOU! It doesn’t matter what other people think as long as you learn to love who you see in the mirror.

To that end, one of our Trans* Lounge members has asked that we share this great new t-shirt design. Please note that the majority of the proceeds from these shirts are going to Invisible Men, an organization here in LA dedicated to supporting transmen and non-binary transmasculine people of color.

You can find out more about them at or to purchase one of these super cool t-shirts, click below!

We Exist is a Los Angeles DMH-funded program dedicated to expanding access and improving services for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersex & Two-Spirit transition-age youth and their families/caregivers.

We Exist serves Culver City, the Antelope Valley, San Fernando Valley, West L.A. and South Bay / Harbor Cities.

These groups are a great, free resource for folks 16-25 as well as family members. All are welcome! These are separate, open groups that run back to back for 6-weeks and touch on a range of topics related to LGBTQ+ identities and experiences.

Feel free to post or forward this to anyone who might be interested or have clients who could benefit from this resource. This is a great opportunity for young LGBTQ+ folks and allies to make friends and take advantage of a $5 gift card for each group they attend. Family members will learn how to support queer and questioning youth in a way that feels meaningful to them.

The Survivor’s Support Group is offered at no cost, and takes place on Tuesday afternoons at 14651 Oxnard St. Van Nuys. 

Those interested can contact our Pride Lead Advocates at (818) 933-9487. 

For 24/7 support and referrals, folks can also call for crisis response line at (818) 886-0453

The TRUTH study is a research initiative funded by the National Institutes of Health that is focused on preventing HIV and improving the health and wellness of Black, Latinx, Asian-Pacific Islander, Native, Indigenous and mixed race trans and gender non-conforming youth in Los Angeles.

TRUTH: A Trans Youth of Color Study
The Saban Research Institute
4661 Sunset Blvd.Los Angeles, CA 90027
Phone: 323-336-1168
Email[email protected]

The purpose of this study is to explore the relationship between trans well-being and self-efficacy (an individual’s belief in their ability to achieve goals). This project additionally explores political activism and psychotherapy experiences.

If you identify as trans, are at least 18 years old, and reside in the are eligible to participate in this online survey! The survey may take an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes to complete.

Your participation and responses will remain confidential.

A Transitional Housing Program for Trans / GNC / Intersex Folks!

This is not an emergency housing option, unfortunately. This is a transitional housing option to allow trans community members to stabilize and move toward more permanent housing. This is a 6 MONTH program that will provide case management, assistance with saving funds, and provide a trans friendly living space for folks having difficulty finding trans friendly housing. The house is located in South Los Angeles.

Find the preliminary requirements above. Please share with your networks and contact Michaé Pulido at [email protected] or 213-201-3400 if you have any questions!

The All of Us Research Program is a historic effort to gather information from one million or more people living in the United States. All of Us is a research program funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The mission of the All of Us Research Program is to accelerate health research and medical breakthroughs, enabling individualized prevention, treatment, and care for all of us.

$25 gift card upon completion of your visit

This is the first free QTPOC led by and for Non Binary/GNC/Questioning individuals in Los Angeles County.

Free Food, HIV/HEP C Testing Referrals, and free resources are provided at group as well.

The location of group is at The Wall Las Memorias Project DTLA office.

800 W 6th St. Los Angeles, CA  90014

Contact Adam Reyes [email protected] or Victor “Vicky” Gutierrez (He/She/They) [email protected] if you have any comments, questions, or concerns. They can also can assist with parking as well. Street Parking, Uber or Lyft ride and public transportation is highly recommended.

Public Transportation: Metro 7th & Figueroa & Metro 7th & Flower (The Bloc) Stations nearby.

If you have an event or announcement you would like to share with our community, please send promotional materials and details to Trans* Lounge at: [email protected]